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Retail National Accounts

National Accounts

Our full service National Accounts group provides retail lighting and design solutions. We service a number of retail national accounts by providing lighting fixtures, control, lamps, distribution equipment and other electrical products for new store construction and retrofits.

Experienced professionals provide:

  • Take-offs — GUARANTEED!
  • Quotations
  • Order processing tracking and expediting
  • Shipment & delivery coordination
  • Warranty management
  • Dedicated project management support team
  • Cost effective, energy efficient solutions
  • Lighting design and specification
  • Energy audits
  • Lighting audits
  • Utility rebate tracking
  • Cost control initiatives

News Bulletin

2009 Department of Energy Lumens per Watt Regulations

Effective July 14, 2012 40-205 watt halogen lamps and linear T12, T8, T5 and U-shaped fluorescent lamps will be regulated by minimum Lumens Per Watt (LPW) standards as part of the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) - 2009 Final Rule. This means that halogen and fluorescent lamps being used in retail today will no longer be available because the lamps do not meet the required LPW standards.

GE's Legislation Tool

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GE Product Line Strategies

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