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Wattstopper Spaces Training Program - Oct 23rd (8:00-9:00AM)

In this interactive training session you will learn about the multiple lighting controls options that are available so you can consult with your customers on what products will make their space more efficient and fit in their budget.

Wattstopper understands that every customer is unique and to that end, we have customizable ‘best fit’ energy-efficient lighting control solutions. These provide maximum energy savings, make it easier to meet energy code compliance, plus increase convenience and productivity. The ideal lighting controls solution is configurable, adaptable and enhances the productivity of the building’s environment.

Leverage Wattstopper Tools to help you identify and select products for each unique space and customer type:
Energy Efficiency Programs (EEP)  
Wattstopper Dimming 
Digital Lighting Management (DLM) 

Wednesday, October 23rd, 8:00-9:00 AM
Leff Electric - 4700 Spring Rd, Brooklyn Hts

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